Technologist's Education Programs

Alliance-HNI understands the value of well trained Technologists and considers them the single most important factor in producing quality images. This is especially true in MRI, given its wide variety of imaging sequences and options, and PET/CT with the ever changing and advancing techniques and capabilities.

All Alliance-HNI MRI Technologists must meet the credentialing requirements of the American College of Radiology and the State of Michigan MRI CON standards. Similary, all Alliance-HNI PET/CT Technologists must meet the credentialing requirements of either the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board, and the State of Michigan PET/CT CON standards. Our Technologists must also complete up to 6 in house training modules each year on various aspects of patient handling including CPR and Infection Control. Additionally, all Alliance-HNI Technologists must meet the continuing education requirements of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.

After joining Alliance-HNI, our Technologists receive training in three steps:

1. Technologists are required to demonstrate their competence in MRI safety, radiation and nuclear medicine safety, ALARA, physics, anatomy, imaging techniques, positioning, and other crucial areas regardless of their experience. This is accomplished primarily through a series of study modules and written tests.

2. New Technologists receive hands-on training on our imaging systems in the field and are teamed with experienced Technologists who are often cross-trained to operate several different types of systems.

3. Alliance-HNI employs a dedicated Application and Education team trained by the OEMs, as well as Applications Specialists from manufacturers, to educate Technologists on equipment upgrades and imaging techniques. Technologists are trained in a specific program designed to meet the needs of our customers and the best utilization of equipment available.

Following these initial steps, training continues through Alliance-HNI continuing education programs:

1. All Technologists regularly receive mailed articles and updates relevant to their specialty. These pieces are designed to inform Technologists about the latest trends and changes in their field. Additionally, the company's intranet, a website available only to our employees, carries a variety of educational updates.

2. Alliance-HNI provides each of its Technologists a yearly monetary allowance to attend seminars and classes on advanced imaging techniques of which continuing education credits may be received.

3. The Alliance-HNI applications team continually evaluates the performance of our technical team and measures competency of each individual. Once assessed the applications team formulates a plan to assist with the development and action plan that fits the needs of the technologist and their growth.

4. Semi-annually, Alliance-HNI schedules mandatory staff meetings geared to provide opportunities to utilize the strengths of the entire team in the provision of continuity of service and quality patient care as well as customer service.

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