Educational Programs

Radiologist MRI Fellowships
Technologist education programs
Referring physician education programs
Alliance-HNI educational programs include videotapes, written materials, guest lecturers, and self-study activities

Service Benchmarking

Surveys - A variety of prepared surveys for patients, referring physicians, and radiologists help measure customer satisfaction with your Alliance-HNI service. These surveys are supported by the Joint Commission and the accreditation status of Alliance HNI as well as provide strategic information for the customer’s success.

Market Share Report

A comprehensive monthly status report from Alliance-HNI allows customers to track referrals, exam completion rates, volume growth, and other key indicators. At the request of a customer, Alliance HNI can provide market analysis to determine program viability and assess the needs of a community as well as competitive advantages.

Exam Over-reading

Alliance-HNI can arrange expert exam over-read services including tele-radiology services among a variety of sources throughout the State of Michigan and nationally. Alliance-HNI, through their partnership with Alliance Health Care Services, can also provide a full range of Professional Services to compliment any Radiology practice or department.

Marketing Support Services

Alliance-HNI offers a variety of marketing programs for its customers. Our marketing efforts are designed to inform physicians and patients of the services provided by a specific customer through the assistance of Alliance-HNI. This is done by combining several marketing techniques into an overall plan that best suits the needs of the facility.

Alliance-HNI marketing activities include:

  • Equipment demonstrations and open house sessions
  • Educational presentations for physicians and staff
  • Printed educational materials for referring physicians
  • Assistance in development of a full Marketing Plan
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