Quality Assurance

QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) has become an increasingly important consideration for all medical providers. As a demonstration of our commitment to quality, Alliance-HNI through Alliance Imaging, has received accreditation for all its modalities from the Joint Commission.

Our attention to Quality Assurance makes it easy for our customers to integrate Alliance-HNI services into your departments. Individual hospital policies are cataloged and strictly followed by all Alliance-HNI employees. In addition, Alliance-HNI maintains and updates a single source system notebook on each of its imaging systems that provides instant access to the following information:

1. Technologist licensing and accreditation. Alliance-HNI Imaging Technologists are ARRT and/or NMTCB certified. Credentials for each Technologist are on file and available for inspection by any review agency at all times. Alliance-HNI Technologists are also required to be certified in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The Technical support team all meet Michigan Department of Community Health MRI CON standards.

2. Daily system performance logs. Every Alliance-HNI system must pass a series of rigorous calibrations and quality measurements at the start of each scan day and serves as a barometer of each system's performance. These daily calibrations are recorded for each system and reviewed regularly. Subtle degradations in system performance can be easily identified with this procedure.

3. Educational updates. Educational materials are regularly sent to all Alliance-HNI Technologists including policies on patient safety, new imaging methods, operating software updates, anatomy charts, motivational articles, and professional society bulletins. These materials help Technologists stay current with new requirements for licensing and continuing education needs. Alliance-HNI has a dedicated team of Specialists utilized for continually educating the technical team as to advanced imaging techniques and capabilities of the MRI equipment utilized. This team of Specialists is also utilized to assist the Clients team of physicians in these capabilities in order to improve the skills of the interpreter and the referring physician.

4. Scanning protocols. Protocol worksheets that outline technical parameters for every scan are required of each Alliance-HNI customer. These protocols are developed in consultation with the designated medical directors of each customer and are constantly updated and improved. MRI Specialists are available to assist with the development of these protocols.

5. Emergency procedures. Alliance-HNI policies on emergency procedures are also included in the system notebooks. These policies cover everything from CPR to system evacuation and rapid shutdown and are often amended with specific emergency policies from the client facility.

6. Infection Control. Alliance-HNI is proactive in the war against infection and the proliferation of bacteria in a high through put environment. Each of Alliance-HNI units are protected by HyGenesis Bacteria Inhibition system which eliminates the bacteria loading on surfaces within the imaging unit. This program has a lasting effect on these surfaces and maintains a kill rate of 98%. Periodically the high touch areas, within the imaging environment, are tested to measure the effectiveness of the system and proactively plan the next application. This solution can last up to 6 months. Alliance-HNI has a close working relationship with HyGenesis and can facilitate a demonstration at a customer’s request.

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