MRI (mobile or fixed), PET/CT (mobile or fixed), CT (mobile or fixed), Interventional Radiography, Women’s Health Initiatives, Oncology Services, Departmental Management Services

Alliance-HNI offers a variety of Diagnostic Service programs to fit the needs of its customers. Our shared Imaging Services program is a flexible, low-risk method for hospitals and clinics to provide the right amount of service to meet the needs of their community. Under this program, an Alliance-HNI mobile imaging system is delivered to the customer facility on a regular schedule. Alliance-HNI provides the equipment, transportation, labor, maintenance, and insurance. The customer facility provides the parking area, power, IT connectivity, and medical direction.

Our interim service provides a full-time dedicated mobile medical imaging system on a short or long-term basis. This option is ideal for facilities that need an additional unit to help with scheduling backlogs or to fill in for an in-house system that is unavailable due to repair / maintenance or replacement.

All Alliance-HNI systems are approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health and all services are provided in accordance to the Certificate of Need standards for that modality. Alliance-HNI provides Certificate of Need administration to fit the needs of the Michigan customer for all modalities.

Alliance-HNI can provide delivery and technical applications training or operation for all of its interim rental systems.

Alliance-HNI can furnish full-time permanent installation of select medical imaging systems. This program includes facility planning, market assessment, equipment evaluation, selection, purchasing, and installation, staff, patient scheduling / billing and all maintenance. This option is ideal for hospitals or other healthcare providers that wish to "outsource" major medical services such as MRI or PET/CT to experienced equipment operators. This no-risk program allows you to offer state-of-the-art medical services without the financial burden of owning and operating the equipment.

Alliance-HNI, with the depth of knowledge and experience possessed by the management team, contractual management services are within the scope of our capabilities. Currently Alliance-HNI manages MRI departments within the state and can provide entire diagnostic imaging department management to help defray costs and minimize risk.

Alliance-HNI through the partnership with Alliance Healthcare Services provides resources for Oncology services, Interventional Radiography, and Women’s Health Initiatives. All services are provided with full market assessment and evaluation. Services are provided under a collaboration with the customer as a partnership with the intent to minimize risk for the customer and provide a win / win solution.

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