Manufacturers' Service Programs

With numerous diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment in operation, Alliance-HNI realizes the value of regular equipment maintenance. Alliance-HNI owns and operates medical systems from major equipment manufacturers that are maintained under service contracts from qualified service providers to maintain their reliability for the following reasons:

  • Authorized replacement parts
  • Fast response time
  • Access to 24-hour online diagnostic service centers
  • Loaner systems
  • Access to manufacturers' software and hardware upgrades
  • Coverage for major component failures
  • Access to manufacturers' applications team
  • Access to manufacturers' technical and marketing materials
  • Software updates and field modification installations
  • Consistencies in service quality

Whether the imaging system is housed in a mobile trailer, a permanent modular building, or in house, careful attention is paid to air conditioning, heating, power conditioners, and other support components. By ensuring quality service on these items, overall downtime is significantly reduced.

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