Image Quality Control

IMAGE QUALITY CONTROL is an important part of Alliance-HNI's Quality Assurance Program. Alliance-HNI has developed a system that enables our managers to effectively monitor the quality and consistency of images from our equipment. This information is shared with our customers on a quarterly basis in the form of reports sharing patient satisfaction, system performance, image quality, point curve, and referral patterns. In addition to daily system calibration, Alliance-HNI Managers check clinical images on a scheduled basis. These images are reviewed and graded for technical parameters, artifacts, camera settings, processing flaws, positioning, coil selection, and overall quality.

Suggestions for altering or improving the images are made to the Technologists based on this process. The Medical Director of the facility is notified of these findings and the suggestions made to the Technical team. It will also suggest further modifications to the current Scan Protocols be made to improve the image quality if necessary. The images are filed for future reference. If image degradation is seen over time, the baseline images can be used as a standard to recalibrate or repair the imaging unit.

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