Company History

Alliance-HNI, L.L.C. has a solid past of providing quality shared diagnostic imaging services throughout the state of Michigan. It all began in 1986 when Medical Consultants Imaging Co.(MCICo) and Hospital Network, Inc. (HNI) joined forces and became known as MCIC-HNI. The company began providing Mobile CT service to small and rural hospitals in Southwest Michigan. The company has grown to be one of Michigan's largest providers of shared diagnostic services. HNI, was established in 1986 and comprised of the following organizations: Bronson Healthcare Group, Bronson Methodist Hospital, Bronson Vicksburg Hospital, Allegan General Hospital, Sturgis Hospital, Oaklawn Hospital, and Pennock Hospital.

The purpose of HNI is to provide shared services to its members and others through electronic billing, marketing, planning, capital equipment purchases, imaging services, and other services to assist health care organizations with their missions.

Theodore J Castele, M.D., Chief of Radiology, Lutheran Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio started MCICo in 1981. For many years, MCICo was a leading provider of mobile diagnostic services through out the Great Lakes Region (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan).

In November, 1997 Alliance Health Care Services acquired Medical Consultants. Alliance Health Care Services is a California based company with regional offices throughout the United States. After the acquisition of MCICo, the newly formed MCIC-HNI began doing business as Alliance-HNI, L.L.C.

Through HNI’s partnership with the largest diagnostic service provider in the world (Alliance Health Care Services), the capabilities of Alliance-HNI to meet the needs of their customer is greater than any other source available in Michigan today.

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