Alliance-HNI provides medical services to hundreds of hospitals and clinics and has since 1986. During that time, the company has amassed more practical experience than any of our competitors. All levels of Alliance-HNI management are staffed with professionals with a wide variety of experience in the medical field. This experience helps to understand the needs and goals of its customers.

Alliance-HNI has a wealth of experience with system manufacturers and service vendors. The company's strong business relationship with these groups allows Alliance-HNI to offer its customers some of the same advantages provided by large purchasing organizations or hospital chains. These advantages include:

  • Improved access to services
  • Coordinated maintenance and repair
  • First look at system options and upgrades

The experience of Alliance-HNI helps reduce the burden of equipment acquisition and maintenance for its customers. It is experience at every level of the organization that allows Alliance-HNI to live up to its service commitments:

W e maintain the goal of being the highest quality medical services provider.

W e consistently provide superior value.

W e are committed to the communities, patients, clinicians, and facilities we serve.

W e respect our co-workers and strive to maintain an environment that fosters creativity, professionalism, and high educational standards.

W e realize that safety, quality, and flexibility are the keys to our success.

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