We Provide Solutions.

Alliance-HNI offers a wide range of capital equipment with advanced technical applications and capabilities from major manufacturers such as General Electric, Siemens Medical, and Philips. Alliance-HNI understands the business strategies surrounding these high tech systems and manages their ownership to maximize the value they provide the organization.

Alliance-HNI maintains their investment in this costly equipment by utilizing the expertise of qualified service providers to maintain our equipment and maximize uptime performance. Alliance-HNI also has an aggressive upgrade path to maximize its’ useful life in the ever changing field of Diagnostic Imaging. The goal is to have the right equipment to meet the needs of the patients and provide value to the customer and the community they serve.

By contracting for service coverage with qualified service providers, ensures that units are properly supported with authorized parts and labor. This also allows our customers to have better access to valuable OEM resources such as training and educational programs.

Alliance-HNI is a Logistics specialist with an extensive fleet of well maintained tractors managed by one of the most technologically advanced tracking systems available on the market today. Each unit is routinely maintained within strict guidelines and updated at scheduled intervals to insure systems are transported on time and on schedule reducing the chance of service interruption for any of Alliance HNI’s customers or patients.

All transportation needs are handled by the Alliance-HNI Logistics team. This team is also available to assist with site planning needs for new shared service customers. Alliance-HNI Logistics Team logs hundreds of thousands of miles per year and maintains an exemplary safety record recognized in the industry and excellent customer satisfaction levels supporting their commitment to quality service.

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