Employee Certification Insurance

ALL ALLIANCE-HNI Technologists are fully accredited or nationally licensed in each modality offered by the company. In addition, Technologists hold any state medical imaging licenses that may be required. All Alliance-HNI patient care workers, including Technologists, Patient Coordinators, and Clinical Staff Specialists, are required to complete study modules several times per year on subjects directly related to patient care. These subjects include at a minimum infection control, bloodborne pathogens, fire safety, age-specific patient care, and signs of patient abuse. Training in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is also required and repeated at regular intervals.

Other certified Alliance-HNI employees include our transportation staff. Our Drivers must meet Department of Transportation standards for maximum driving times, drug testing and safety. In addition, the driving staff receives training in system setup, medical equipment safety, electric generator operation, and other areas vital to the function of the mobile imaging systems.

As extra protection for our customers, Alliance-HNI carries general liability on its systems and professional liability insurance on its employees that meets or exceeds the standard for the industry.

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